Frequently asked questions

KOPUR Soft rubber floor tiles are certified in conformance with EN 1177:2018 standard. The Critical Fall Hight (HIC) values depend on the tiles’ thickness and vary from 1 – 2.5m.

Cleaning of KOPURSoft rubber floor tiles is easy. Tiles can be swept or cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner with a nozzle offset of at least 40 cm. Attention! Direct or too strong jet can damage the tiles.

Use 1- or 2-component polyurethane based adhesives.

Yes, KOPURSoft rubber floor tiles are water permeable. They allow for natural drainage. Thanks to their highly porous structure, they greatly reduce the risk of slipping and falling and are especially suitable for use in bad weather.

To achieve the best result, remove the grass first and prepare sub-base of gravel. The gravel area should be compacted. This will prevent the weeds from going through.

Definitely. Thanks to their water-permeable and anti-slip characteristics, KOPURSoft rubber floor tiles are perfectly appropriate for use in wet weather.

To cut KOPURSoft rubber floor tiles, you can use a stronger upholstery knife, a jigsaw or a submersible saw.

Store rubber floor tiles in a dry area with a constant temperature above 10 ° C. We recommend at least 2 hours of acclimatization to ambient temperature prior to installation.

KOPURSoft rubber floor tiles are very durable. Their lifespan is at least 10 years.

KOPURSoft floor tiles are made of rubber granules, obtained exclusively from truck tyres which have a higher content of natural rubber than car tyres. Obtained from natural sources, they represent lower CO2 emissions and have less impact on the environment. What is more, a proportion of granules comes from defective truck tyres that have never been used or been in contact with road contaminants, which further increases the quality level of our rubber tiles.