Our green story


For over 20 years, we have been successfully pursuing the mission of the green industry. We are in a continuous search of cost-effective solutions pertaining to the re-use of all industrial residuals, and of the efficient use of recycled materials into value-added products. The culture of the green company reaches every pore of our business.

We make something useful
from residues that would otherwise end up as waste

Millions of tons of used tyres are thrown away every year. And then what? Instead of letting them ending up in a landfill, we turn them into a safe, comfortable and eco-friendly flooring. Using recycled rubber creates a 20-times smaller carbon footprint than using new materials.


Our rubber floor tiles are made of granules obtained exclusively from truck tyres which have a higher content of natural rubber than car tyres. Obtained from natural sources, they present lower CO2 emissions (70% lower emissions compared to car tyres) and have less impact on the environment.


Kopur d.o.o. is a research and development organization registered at the Slovenian Research Agency under code 2483. The Kopur Research Team consists of experienced chemical professionals. Their work is directly related to the development of new products made of recycled materials, and to the application of such products in serial production.

From tyres to tiles and playground

Collection of used tyres


Recycled rubber granules


Group 1676
Production of rubber tiles


Safe playground